A platform to coach, engage with, and educate health and fitness clients

The client is a coach who wanted to scale their business, automate the repeatable processes and provide the highest quality experience to their clients

The Problem

ME Fitness+ needed to transform its tech stack from using Google Docs/Drive to offering its clients a rich and modern experience for fitness coaching. The ultimate objective was to allow for a mobile-first experience that allows coaches to edit the content seamlessly and clients to access it in a high-quality experience. Our task was to help ME Fitness achieve that goal by developing a custom CMS interface and a client-facing mobile app.

Client Details

Since its launch in 2020, MEFitness has risen to become one of the top trainers/coaches in the vibrant NJ/NYC area. The company has a proven track record of delivering incredible results and is dedicated to providing an exceptional fitness experience. 

What truly sets MEFitness apart is its personalized approach, with frequent communication and custom-tailored diets and training plans designed to meet the diverse goals and needs of its clients. This commitment to individualized attention has fueled the rapid growth of MEFitness over the last 4 years, creating a community of dedicated and satisfied clients.

The Solution

1. The Mobile App

what the users use daily

  • Deployed on Apple’s AppStore and the Google Play Store 
  • Rich experience displaying diet and training plans along
  • Education content
  • User profile management and local app preferences

2. The Admin Portal 

enables coaches to tailor and personalize the user experience. 

  • allowing coaches to manage users
  • allowing for custom diets/training plan creation and management
  • mobile-first website
  • custom editor to provide a rich diet editing experience allowing for full rich text editing features like highlighting, and linking
  • templating engine and autocomplete to allow repeatable content to be replicated quickly
  • searching/filtering features

3. The Content Management System (CMS) 

Allows the persistence and the creation of all the ready-to-serve content for users to consume

  • user roles and permissions
  • authentication management, content creation, management, and safeguarding
  • personalization, user-engaging content, and recommended content

"...what sets Boftware is their attention to detail as well as their ability to think outside the box. I was able to relay my ideas to the team, and not only were my ideas heard, but they also provided their feedback which is a testament to their experience and ability..."

Next Steps

  • The project is still in active development
  • The backlog includes more features like social media and chat functionality
  • Will be adding AI features to automate the creation of content and speed it up
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