Automating the Mundane: Transforming Sleman & Lund LLP’s Legal Operations


In the dynamic landscape of legal services, where time is of the essence, the quest for efficiency and precision is a constant challenge.  Sleman & Lund LLP, a distinguished law firm based in Freehold, NJ, specializing in intellectual property, confronted a common yet formidable hurdle – the manual and time-intensive nature of their documentation processes. Focused on gaining a competitive edge in the market, the firm recognized the need for a solution that could streamline operations, saving valuable time while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.a

Why not use readily available plugins/automations?

Sleman & Lund LLP’s work-flow required a specialized knowledge of Google Workspace’s ecosystem + Google AppScript API and customizing them to fit exactly in the firm’s ecosystem

Our Solution

Addressing this challenge head-on, Boftware, a software development company, embarked on a journey to provide a tailored solution that aligned seamlessly with Sleman & Lund LLP’s unique requirements. Leveraging the capabilities of the Google Apps Script API and Google Workspaces, we crafted a cutting-edge addon designed to automate a critical and previously manual task performed by the firm’s paralegals. While the intricacies of  Sleman & Lund LLP’s proprietary process remain confidential, it is evident that our solution has brought about a revolutionary change in the management of documentation, offering not only time savings but also heightened precision and efficiency.

The Impact

The impact of our collaboration is quantifiable and impressive. With our addon in place, each paralegal at the firm now saves approximately 1-2 hours per day. When extrapolated across the entire team and business days in a year, this translates to thousands of man-hours saved annually. Such newfound efficiency empowers the law firm to strategically reallocate resources, enabling a renewed focus on client service and innovation rather than being bogged down by mundane tasks. This tangible outcome underscores the transformative power of technology in reshaping business operations and sets a new standard for excellence in the legal services arena.


In the competitive landscape of legal services, setting oneself apart is crucial for long-term success. Boftware’s tailor-made solution not only streamlined their operations but also positioned them as innovators in their field. By automating a pivotal aspect of their workflow, our solution has liberated employee time for more valuable tasks, enhancing overall service offerings and client satisfaction. At Boftware, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality, bespoke software solutions that address the unique challenges of our clients. The success of our collaboration with Sleman & Lund LLP exemplifies our dedication to driving efficiency and innovation, ultimately helping businesses gain a distinctive advantage in their respective industries.

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